Our Mission

The mission of Community Services Head Start is to prepare eligible children ages 3 -5 for successful transition into the school system and to help their families become self-sufficient.

Head Start

Head Start is a comprehensive child development program which focuses on preparing children for entry into kindergarten. The program serves income eligible children ages 3-5 and their families by providing educational, health, dental and social services free of charge. The educational component focuses on pre-reading skills, phonemic awareness, numeric development and social skills. All children are screened at the beginning of the program year to assess their development. All children receive physicals annually and any needed medical attention is obtained through their insurance or provided by Head Start. Children diagnosed with disabilities are fully included in all aspects of the program. In addition, each child's family is case studied to determine their strengths and needs and a Family Partnership Agreement is developed to ensure that each child and their family receive the maximum amount of success from the services that are available. Head Start currently serves more than 500 children in Bowie, Camp, Cass, and Morris counties


505 Rabbit Blvd.
Atlanta, TX 75551
(903) 796-4119
(903) 796-4118 FSW
(903) 796-4110 Fax
Director: Catherine Early

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201 West Cypress
Bloomburg, TX 75556
(903) 728-5880
(903) 728 5870 Fax

Director: Candie Harris

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1305 W. Watson Blvd.
Daingerfield, TX 75638
(903) 645-2901
(903) 639-1783 Fax

Director: Natash White

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Hughes Springs

903 E 1st Street
Hughes Springs, TX 75656
(903) 639-1914
(903) 639-1784 FSW
(903) 639-1783 Fax
Director: Natash White

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107 S Kaufman
Linden, TX 75563
(903) 756-7248
(903) 756-8818 Fax

Director: Carlin Johnson

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412 W Doc Dodson Blvd.
Naples, TX 75568
(903) 897-0318
(903) 897-0898 Fax

Director: Felicia Williams

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New Boston

117 Robertson
New Boston, TX 75570
(903) 628-5621
(903) 628-3680 Fax

Director: Venus Hornbuckle

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404 Broach Street
Pittsburg, TX 75686
(903) 856-1245
(903) 856-1246 FSW
(903) 856-6310 Fax
Director: Kaye Nelms

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2315 West 10th Street
Texarkana, TX 75503
(903) 255-3295 ext 1
(903) 255-3294 Fax
Director: Debra Jackson

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